Message from the President

LinkPro is a company specialized in the research and development of image sharpening, image recognition and moving object detection.
Recognition of the images that human eyes can recognize by fully utilizing the computer technology is a theme that the engineers engaged in the computer technology development want to embody.
Recognizing the images, which have been conventionally recognized with the sensor technology, with image recognition technology has become a recent trend.

LinkPro, through its R&D on the core logics for image recognition and image sharpening technology, has been providing the technology in a wide range of fields such as sharpening, recognition and analysis of the images of the security / disaster prevention cameras, other monitoring cameras, medical cameras, microscopes, FA quality control cameras, etc.
Also, LinkPro wishes to conduct further researches to provide the users of our originally developed products the maximum effects by implementing customization required in the industries or companies, while conducting development according to the global standards.
Based on the concept: “Every business is a service business”, we hope to grow together with our customers by providing support of our products and systems, aiming to secure satisfaction of our customers.

LinkPro Co., Ltd.
Nobukatsu Haraguchi