■Japan patent number:5826980


ALTER ONE is the name of logic for image sharpening.

Hardware IP described in the VHDL.


ALTER ONE can execute completely real-time processing (delay is 16 lines per frame). By adopting vector register, which is the sharpening logic to allow implementation on the FPGA or other appropriate items for image sharpening with histogram flattening processing, the speed has been increased to handle high resolution image formats. (4K, 8K, etc.)

Product types

(1) Unit type (2) Camera incorporated type (3) Dedicated processing board

ALTER ONE[Unit type]

Outline of the purpose

  • Sharpening of the images from PC, recorder images, etc.
  • Implementing the image sharpening logic (ALTER ONE) by using histogram flattening
  • Adding the sharpening of existing systems
  • Including the image interface and controller with the core large-scale FPGA to implement the ALTER ONE
  • Simple structure by eliminating excessive functions
  • Pipeline processing that allows real-time processing

Front view of the unit



  • Real-time processing (delay of only 16 lines)
  • Can respond to high resolution format such as UXGA (respond to the high clock rate)
  • Responding to various transmission specifications by replacing the interface boards
  • Can exchange to a larger-scale FPGA and coexist with the logic other than sharpening logic

Sample Movies


Product name ALTER ONE UNIT
(VGA Version)
(HDMI Version)
Model number AOU-V000 AOU-H000
Input / Output Inputs / Outputs 1 system
Image signal AnalogRGB HDMI
Signal form VGA 0.7Vpp HDMI1.4
Connector VESA Dcc(Dsub 15p) HDMI
Resolution 800☓600(SVGA)
Image processing Maximum effective pixel number 1920☓1080(progressive)
Processing capacity 1/60sec. by 1 Field(Real time)
Mximum pixel clock 165MHz
Delay time 0 Field (16line:Scanning line)
Control External control RS422(Front panel)
LAN(Rear panel) ※Control only
Connector Modular 6pin(Front pannel)
Operating environment Temperature range 0℃~60℃
Humidity Storage humidity range:5%~95%RH ※Non-condensing conditions
Component External dimensions(mm) W188.5☓D248☓H36 ※Excluding protrusions
Power supply Voltage:DC5V±10%
(AC adapter:100~240VAC 50/60Hz DC5V 20W)
Others USB connector for the eternal power supply×2

UNIT type(HDMI Version) Back

VGA input and output terminal


ALTER ONE[Image processing board incorporated type camera]

In development


The histogram flattening image sharpening processing is connected to the input of the 2.4M CMOC image sensor element.
1080/60p Full HD high-sensitivity image sensor element (of Panasonic)

High-speed histogram flattening processing with the delay of one frame or less.

Contract optimizing processing for better appearance after flattening

Camera and sharpening board integrated unit


Images after histogram flattening are processed by the multi-function SOC.
The built-in H.264 codec and EtherNET allow image transfer via the LAN without an encoder.

Image output can be executed via the HDMI output.

Image recording on a USB memory or a hard disc can be carried out via the USB 2.0 (HOST).

Use of an SD card is allowed (to record images, etc.). *Note that connection with WiFi and exclusive WiFi is required. *Note that implementation of various image processing optimized for the SD card and the exclusive target is allowed.

(Implementation of dedicated program for each item such as image recognition, area monitoring, moving object tracking is allowed.)


Item Specification, etc. Remarks
Image sensor element 2.4MCMOS Panasonic MN34220 (High SN) Can be changed to a 13M element.
Resolution / Frame rate 1080 / 60P
Image output Live View Image output by the HDMI Can output simultaneously with the IP side.
Network Image output via the IP Can output simultaneously with the Live View side.
Codec H.264/AVC MP4SP MJPEG JPEG Video codec is one of the three types.

Can execute the JPEG simultaneously.

Interface, etc. Interface 1000BaseT USB3.0 (option)

wifi (option)

Media SDHC Up to 32G wifi and exclusive
Other Audio in Auto




Options Optional function WDR* Vehicle number recognition*

Moving object detection (boarder type)

Optional hardware wifi USB3.0 30 lens

※The specification will change for improvement.

Camera modules / Sharpening board