Moving object detection software


KEKKAI can execute ultra-fast detection processing,can be easily mounted on a smart camera, etc. due to its light detection processing action, andcan detect the moving direction of a detection object, and simultaneously recognize the size of the detection object and the moving speed.

Application examples

Can detect only the objects entering the specified area.

(Not responds to the objects moving from the inside of the area to the outside.)

Can detect an entry to the border line from the left side and right side separately.

Can easily set an L-shaped or U-shaped area, etc.

Form of selling

①Provided by software / Selling of license ②Selling by implementing on a smart camera

Entry detection system for a specified area

  • Detecting of movement entering a specified area
  • Can record the image data before and after the entry detection
  • Can specify multiple monitoring ranges to respond to L-shaped or U-shaper site
  • Can set a mask area (non-responding range) within a monitoring area
  • Issues alarm or notice upon entry within a monitoring area
    Can execute moving object detection which does not require alarm upon moving out from the monitoring range
  • Function for preventing erroneous detection due to snow, rain, fog or other weather conditions
  • Function for preventing erroneous detection due to reflection of car light, light reflection, and object vibration in a monitoring target area
  • Function for preventing erroneous detection due to shadow

Monitoring detection system specialized in the movement in an area

By setting a specified area, the system can quickly detect movements outside the mask are (non-responding range) in the specified area and issue alarm / notice (by e-mail, etc.).
As the detection targets are detected as the object movement inside the area, the system can detect and extract the objects that can be set for detection such as human and car.