Business Lineup

Original Product Development

We conduct R&D and manufacturing of original products which fully utilize moving object detection system, image sharpening technology and other image processing technologies. With the completely original development technology, LinkPro can develop products that can be used for various purposes.
As LinkPro can also conduct software development and hardware design, we can develop products for various fields by combining software and hardware.

Basic Research

In order to develop next-generation products, LinkPro continuously conducts research on various logics related to image processing technology.
Once we establish a new logic, we firstly examine the logic on the software, and if the expected results are obtained, we choose whether it is used for a software application or for a hardware product. In the case of commercialization of the logic with a software application, we design operation screens and decide the specifications of input/output control process, etc. to complete the software application.

In the case of commercialization of the logic with a hardware product, we determine whether or not the logic that has been implemented on the software can be implemented on the hardware, and if it can be implemented, we design the hardware and completed the prototype within the company.
In some cases, we commercialize the logic as a board by embedding it on the FPGA.

Basic Research